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Vanilla Small Container Candle

Vanilla Small Container Candle

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Add to the ambience with our additional glass jar candles!

(non scented/scented option available)



    We use 100% soy wax making all our candles tremendously smooth in texture and appearance. This wax is vegan and cruelty free, as well as skin safe and dermatologically and clinically tested.



    We use wedo eco wicks which are of a high quality, 100% cotton and coreless for a more stable and consistent burn. The wick is self trimmed; this means there is a reduced amount of mushrooming (carbon build up) as well as smoke and soot. Although self- trimmed we recommend you regularly trim the wick to aid an even burn each time.


    PLEASE NOTE: Although the atmost care is taken when making our candles, due to products being hand poured and made using 100% natural wax and 100% concentrated fragrance oils, some of our candles may come with slight imperfections (e.g Frosting) and slight colour difference, but this will not affect the burn of your candle.



    Candle burn time : up to 8 hours 


    Classic Vanilla

    You can't go wrong with vanilla! That's what they say so how could we not. We use 100% concentrated fragrance oils, which are carefully poured into each candle. Giving you that subtle scent when your candle is unlit, and a full sweet scent once alight. Surrounding you with a lustful sensual feeling.

  • SIZE

    Weight: 185g (including glass jar)

    Height - 2.5cm

    Width - 2cm


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    Standard Delivery - 3 - 5 days

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